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Marianne Design the Stamp Master Advanced

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SKU: LR0029
Master your stamping projects with the Stamp Master Advanced from Marianne Design. You will never have to struggle with placement again! Simply position your project on to the magnetic base of the Stamp Master, and hold it in place with the magnets included with your stamping platform. You can then position your clear stamps on your project, and pick them up using the Stamp Master's lid with hinge. You will be able to ink your stamp, and close the lid - achieving a perfectly positioned stamp. Need to re-ink your stamp? No problem! Simply open the lid, add more ink, and close it again. The magnets will hold your project in place, so you don't have to worry about missing the correct area. This tool makes stamping easier, whether you are a beginner or an experienced stamper. This tool is also ideal for making several copies of the same design, such as invitations, name cards, labels or bulk cards. 

Includes 3 pcs, 8 x 8 inches workspace, includes 2 magnets