Digital Stamps Terms of Use

Digital Products -  Terms of Use

Terms of use for digital downloads offered through Hollow Tree Hobbies

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You May:

  1. Use all Hollow Tree Hobbies Stamp designs for personal use. All creations must be hand-crafted.
  2. Use designs to create hand-crafted items for resale. All items must be hand-crafted. No photocopying or mechanical reproduction of designs is allowed.
  3. Alter images to fit your needs. For example: resizing for printing or adding color to images.
  4. Give credit to Hollow Tree Hobbies and our artists whenever possible. Your efforts are appreciated, but not required.

You May NOT:

  1. Claim any Hollow Tree Hobbies designs, products, or graphics as your own.
  2. Sell or distribute our images. This also includes emailing/transferring to a third party.
  3. Use our designs in kits or to make rubber/clear stamps without prior written consent.


You may NOT, under any circumstances, share digital files/downloads with anyone, at any time. Your purchase of any Hollow Tree Hobbies digital product is only a license for you, as the purchaser, to use this design in your personal crafting. Please respect the rights of our artists and never share digital products/files.

Hollow Tree Hobbies Angel Policy:

Hollow Tree Hobbies is an Angel Company. The other brands we carry are Angel Company's as well. This agreement includes all branded stamps and dies on our website. 

We welcome our customers to use our stamps on any HANDMADE artworks. Items which are handmade are those which have been HAND STAMPED, created by hand, and have not been mechanically reproduced.

You may sell all handmade creations, which contain Hollow Tree Hobbies Digital Stamps. All handmade creations must be full projects or cards, not just stamped images.

Please do not mechanically, graphically, or electronically reproduce any of Hollow Tree Hobbies Digital Stamps designs and/or images, this also includes photocopying or creating embroidery files.

The sale of Hollow Tree Hobby Digital Stamps images and/or die cuts is strictly prohibited. This includes hand stamping the image and then selling it as a "topper" (black and white or precolored image) to another person or business entity or mass die cutting designs and reselling those die cut pieces.

All Hollow Tree Hobby Stamps products are intended for your personal use and enjoyment. You may not redistribute any of our designs, this includes rubber designs, die cuts, digital designs, and custom products. Distribution includes but is not limited to: sharing via email, trading, swapping, lending, duplicating, posting to the internet, or reselling in any form.

Please respect the rights of our artists. All Hollow Tree Hobbies Stamp designs and images are copyright protected and may not be copied without permission. 

Hollow Tree Hobbies images and designs may not be used to create logos or trademarks.

Appropriate credit should be given to Hollow Tree Hobbies  and our artists whenever possible.