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Enchanting Flora - Pinkfresh Studio Die Set

SKU: PF178922
2 piece die to coordinate with the Enchanting Flora stamp set, Enchanting Flora layering stencils and Enchanting Flora washi tape. Due to the nature of its size, you may need extended plates for your die-cutting machine, or will have to pass it through twice to die-cut entirely. The 1-piece die easily cuts the Enchanting Flora clusters included in the washi tape, layering stencils or stamp set in one pass through your die-cut machine. With this innovative concept, you no longer must tape down multiple die pieces. Great for cutting the images out multiple times and bulk creating. Keep in mind that washi tape has a slick surface by nature, and you will want to tape the die down securely so it won't shift as it runs through your die-cut machine. There is one additional die for cutting out the sentiment.